Library Facilities  

"As I Grew up in Lemerick, I used to hear my Headmaster say, 'Stock your mind. It is your house of treasure; Well there is no better way to stock your mind than reading."

Keeping this in mind the school has a very big, well furnished library with a rich and dynamic collection of books on various subjects, reference books, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Geographical resource books and many more. For the interest of the primary class students school library has hundreds of story books of lots of famous writers.

This helps students to fall in the habit of reading not only the subject material but also the things out their course which are of their general interest. Daily Newspapers are also provided to the students in Hindi as well as English so that the students are well aware about the latest knowledge of the current events happening all over the world.

Monthly, forthnightly and weekly magazines on various titles are another attraction for the students.
Size of the Library 68 X 35 sq. mtrs.
No. of Periodicals 05
No. of Dailies 04
No. of Reference Books Class-wise 85
No. of Magazine 15