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BRIGHT HOME PUBLIC SCHOOL is a Co-educational English Medium School established in the year 1993 imparting education to the children under the All India Central Board of Secretary Education Scheme and offers education till class XII i.e. All India Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. Before the year 1993 , there was no school in the Nanauta Block which was affiliated to C.B.S.E. As a result the residents of Nanauta and the adjoining villages were deprived of the quality education under All India Central Board of Secondary Education Scheme.

It was a severe problem for the residents of the Nanauta Block which needed an immediate solution. To overcome this problem an urgent need was felt to establish an English Medium School with the affiliation of C.B.S.E. Having given a serious thought to the matter a decision was taken to set up a school to solve the purpose. Consequently a Society was formed in the name of BRIGHT HOME SHIKSHA SAMITI which set up a school named Bright Home Public School at Nanauta in the year 1993. Before the establishment of this school, the parents of the Nanauta Block and the adjoining areas had no option except that they had to send their children out of Nanauta for better education. Most of them had a choice of sending their children to Saharanpur city which is 35km away from Nanauta. It was not only difficult but also an expensive affair. Especially for girls ,it was a serious problem because the girls felt in very difficult to travel such a long distance daily. The result was that most of the parents did not like to send their daughters to Saharanpur and the girls were compelled to stay at home and go without a better education . Now the problem has been solved because the parents of this area feel quite contented, as they have got the school of their own choice in their own area with all the modern facilities.

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