Vision And Mission
In the later part of the previous century the world has witnessed unpredictable change at almost breakneck speed. Lifestyle has undergone a sea change, replacing the old values with new ones. Living in this globalizing world proper education of budding minds has become not only essential but also challenging.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “If we are to reach real place in this world and if we are to wage real war against war ,we shall have to begin with education of children.” This statement summarizes the meaning of education . Education is the birthright of all children . No doubt, even twenty years before it was very difficult to think about modern education in rural areas, more difficult to run an institution successfully combining modern education with the needs and ethics of rural area. In the year 1993, Bright Home was started with a mission to impart education in a pure English medium way to the rural students coalating cultural values with Science and technology, Knowledge with sports, Freedom with discipline. It is our endeavor to promote creativity and develop leadership qualities. At BHPS we aimed at spreading the light of education in its real sense, which makes the students wise and equipped to understand and solve the problems of the world.

Our goal is to unearth the hidden talent in the younger generation , making them fundamentally stronger and more competitive. Thus paving the way for a prosperous nation, as the future lies in the hands of the younger generation.
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